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My name is Nicole!

I have a background in the sciences. Exploring the natural beauty of the world is my forte. Words don’t always come easily to me.  I wouldn't identify myself as a writer I’ve always been a traveler.

From a young age, I was given the opportunity to travel. I spent countless hours on family road trips & vacations to what seemed, at the time, distant places. I got my first taste of the tropics in Jamaica and learned about ancient civilizations in the Caribbean. These experiences ingrained themselves on my psyche.  But, somewhere along the way, my life became focused on typical ‘adult’ worries we all know: careers, education, rent and bills leaving no time for travel.

I’m not affluent (unfortunately). I haven’t yet won the lottery. It was a longer break from work, years ago, that rekindled my passion to explore the world. I’d resigned from my job, moved back in with my parents, and started teaching an online class at a local university. I wasn't quite sure what was next for me in life. I knew I wanted to continue to teach but I felt stagnant. The next few weeks I did some soul searching and decided to take one of the biggest leaps in my life at the tender age of 25.  (I was having a pre-mid-life crisis lol!) 


I had a case of itchy feet. My wanderlust was alive and well! The compulsion was so strong that I made a promise to myself then and there: make travel a priority in my life once again. So I applied for some teaching jobs in China via Their site is filled with trusted resources, and legit schools/companies to apply work for. I started my venture in China in August 2017. I am still here now and I am standing strong and truly enjoying this journey in my life.


I’m not a writer, so why blog? It’s a commitment to myself that holds me accountable. It’s the home for my adventure stories. The ups, the downs and everything between. I’ll share photos, video and stories from the places I visit and the cultures I explore. I’ll post tip’s & tricks to help you travel better and/or cheaper and with luck inspire you to break out your passport and travel more often.

I want this blog to inspire you, to inform you and to add fuel to your wanderlust. I hope you’ll join me on this adventure!

If you haven’t already, follow me on social media and subscribe to the mailing list below. We can share stories & ideas, collaborate & communicate and I’ll keep you up to date on all the latest content, stories and tips from China and around the world!

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