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Plant a seed, Nourish it, Watch it grow!

Plant A Seed!

Plant A Seed! Throughout life we speak things into existence, but many times we never take that first step into actually doing those things. Grab a hold of your dreams and aspirations and make that first step by planting a seed. Like a plant, we must prepare the foundation for where we are going to lay the seed. We have to make sure that the land is conducive and ready for the things that are about to come. This is the first step for turning the present and future for yourself into a reality. 

Nandi Re CEO,
Nicole Rutledge

Nourish It!

Nourish It! Take the time and energy to invest into your greatness. We can do anything we put our minds to. It will take hard work to reach the levels of greatness that we desire for ourselves. Taking the time to focus in on our desires allows for us to truly define our end goal. Once that end goal is defined, we will know exactly what we need to do to reach it. Like a plant we must provide food and the necessary things to make sure it in the optimal space for growth to happen. Nourish yourself with discipline, encouragement, and love!

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Watch It Grow!

Watch it Grow! What a lovely feeling it is to watch the things you have put into place grow. They will grow to levels that we could have never imagined. While watching our successes grow, we must remember that the work does not stop. Just like with a plant we must remember to continue to provide nourishment. We must also be aware to be sure to daily remove any weeds or things that may potentially cause harm to the seed that we planted! The growth ahead is unmeasurable! You are in charge of the levels of growth in front of you! 

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